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“We are a sisterhood that encourages and equips women to discover and celebrate her passion, purpose and personal power; while building and maintaining healthy relationships that support her living authentically. We empower her through conversation, encouragement and connection, cultivating her confidence and courage to live fearlessly and love boldly!”



SHE. LOVES. HARD is a sistership (Sisterhood + Mentorship) for women who love hard in their relationships, business, finances, career, education, travel and all things they are most passionate about!

SHE. LOVES. HARD is about celebrating your purpose and loving with intensity as you pursue your passions!

We don't apologize or shrink back from our power. In fact, we are bold, brave and confident in who we are and are committed to showing up every day as our best self, because



Forgiveness is difficult for many of us because after offense, our natural response is to protect our heart and distance ourselves from the pain. The Power of Forgiveness is an online program designed to help you walk through the process of forgiveness. During this training, you will cover the stages of offense, learn how to address the anger, hurt, sadness and pain in your heart and begin your journey towards forgiveness and live a life of freedom!