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A Spiritual Transformation

“We are a sisterhood that encourages and equips women to discover and celebrate her passion, purpose and personal power; while building and maintaining healthy relationships that support her living authentically. We empower her through conversation, encouragement and connection, cultivating her confidence and courage to live fearlessly and love boldly!”

Chasing Stillness



SHE. LOVES. HARD is an online program that helps women overcome people-pleasing by teaching them how to regain the clarity, courage, and confidence to prioritize what's important to them without feeling guilty.



She Loves Hard
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Building Better Love Habits is about learning to LOVE BETTER, LOVE DIFFERENTLY & LOVE HARDER! In this program, you will learn, uncover and discover your own personal blind spots regarding how you give and receive love. You will build better love habits by becoming part of a private community where you will receive LOVE MESSAGES from me with a short & simple prompt that will suggest a mini action step or reflection that will help you:


  • Become more aware of your current love habits

  • Uncover why you love like you do!

  • Walk through daily action steps with Christy as your coach creating accountability and space to grow our love habits together.

  • Assess what may be blocking you from being loved or loving fully.

  • Become more present in your most important relationships

  • Create love habits that align with the truth of who you are

  • Make decisions, changes and shifts that support you giving and receiving LOVE with more intention,

Power Of Forgiveness
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