Relationship Coach           Marriage & Family Champion            Chief Cheerleader

Just like you, I am busy juggling a million balls in the air. I am a happy wife, grateful mom, relationship coach, mentor, and founder of the Wife Wisdom Podcast.


I have a unique gift that creates a safe place that opens up brave spaces for women to discover her most ‘powerful self!” I help usher in breakthrough into her life by walking with her through uncomfortable places that traditionally harbor fear, pain, discomfort and doubt.

I celebrate and champion women while teaching her how to love herself well and cultivate relationships that support her being authentically and beautifully herself! 


“My vision is to be the world’s most sought after mentor for women who desire strong, healthy and powerful relationships. I aspire to cultivate sisterhood connections as a big sister, chief cheerleader, and encourager - creating trust and nurturing brave spaces that allow women to be bold, confident and fearless while building a thriving and loyal community where we celebrate and encourage each other to be the best version of ourselves.”

Christy Little Jones

Relationship Coach           Marriage & Family Champion            Chief Cheerleader

I am a the Host of the Wife Wisdom Podcast, a Relationship Coach, a Marriage and Family Champion and THE Chief Cheerleader for women all over the world. I'm a California girl who loves warm weather, tropical beaches, hours in the pool, global vacations with my family, the newest movie release on date night, a 90 minute massage and super cute, and a fun, colorful maxi dress!

As a woman with “deep relational glue," I am passionate about pouring my time, love and encouragement into women, challenging her to discover her power, pursue authentic love and live to her full capacity!

After more than 20 years of coaching women, preparing engaged couples for marriage and helping couples in crisis stay married, I get really excited about creating safe spaces for people to show up real and authentic!