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Couples Coaching

There is great purpose in marriage! Preparing for marriage is key! It’s important to arm your marriage with truth and understanding before entering the battle.  (Pre and Engaged Couples)


In addition, when you are in the battle (marriage), it’s critical to cultivate a community of people who can support you during the crisis that we all face in marriage. (Married Couples)

Couples Coaching




The WIFE WISDOM podcast is a REAL TALK conversation for single and divorced women who DESIRE to be married, for the newlywed who wants to THRIVE as a wife and for seasoned wives who need encouragement STAYING a wife! lol


This "reality" podcast was created to CULTIVATE your heart as a wife by talking about THE TRUTH...the REAL NITTY GRITTY of MARRIAGE & what being a WIFE is really like! We will talk about what to expect, the ups & downs--how to prepare for it, how to stand strong through it & how to thrive in it...until happily ever after!

Wife Wisdom Coaching

Private Coaching

“It is not your job to like me, it’s mine!” Discovering your true identity and embracing who you are is one of the most valuable self-work that you can ever do!

Coaching with Christy starts the work! Christy helps you to uncover deeply rooted limiting beliefs and negative self-talk that you may not even know is there, but most likely is the culprit keeping you from your very best self!

Private Coaching
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