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Christy Little Jones, M.S. is deeply committed to calling forth audiences to seize a life full of passion, purpose, and significance. Her mission is to teach, train, and encourage each group she addresses to dare to fall completely in love with themselves! Through her infectious energy and charismatic personality, Christy incorporates her enthusiasm for life along with her own personal experiences to bring a “real-talk” approach to engaging audiences and sparking authentic dialogue.

Speaking Topics 


I Love ME . . . I Love Me NOT!

Did you know that 96% of women WORLDWIDE don't see themselves a beautiful? I used to be one of the 96% until I stopped chasing perfection, people pleasing and looking for validation in all the wrong places! It wasn't until I began my personal soul journey towards discovering who God created me to be, that I found my life's purpose and true identity. In this transformational presentation, Christy takes you on your own personal journey, identifying your negative thoughts, uncovering self-doubt and highlighting survival practices that you thought kept you safe, but in reality, only kept you away from God's purpose and destiny for your life! The final destination is designed to bring forth breakthrough, healing and an experience you will never forget!


Are You Wife Material?

Before you say ”I do,” you want to make sure to master the “10 Rules for Becoming Wife Material.” In this real-talk, no nonsense presentation, Christy provides her audience with practical tools and strategies to ensure that they are living authentically as a confident and secure women who are ready to enter into a healthy, life-long commitment. Topics will include:

  • How to understand your individual value and worth as a woman.

  • How to overcome the pain of past relationships before entering into the lifetime covenant of marriage.

  • Key strategies to develop the integrity to live what you believe without compromise.

  • Discover the purpose of marriage and your unique role as a wife.

  • How to generate a husband profile to attract the right man and avoid the wrong one.


Seven Secrets to an Amazing Marriage

This presentation is designed for married couples who believe in marriage, love being married and want to stay married! With broken marriages on the rise, Christy shows her audience how to get back to experiencing fun, friendship and joy again in their marriage. In this high-energy, fun-interactive workshop, Christy provides her audience with practical tools and strategies to help them overcome roadblocks in their marriage by introducing new ideas, methods and systems that are designed to result in a closer connection, deeper intimacy and a greater commitment to the marriage!

God’s Sweet Restoration after a Sour Experience

With soul-bearing authenticity and stark transparency detailing her husband’s adulterous affair that ravaged her heart and almost destroyed her marriage, Christy Little Jones takes her audience on an in-depth journey to discover how to move from the pain of today to the promise of tomorrow. Expect to laugh, let out an empathetic sigh, maybe even cry as Christy takes you by the hand and walks you down the path of the healing and reconciliation she experienced in her marriage and how you can successfully do the same.


Six Marriage Strategies for a Hotter Sex Life

Raise your hand if you’re married and want a passionately hot sex life?! In this humorous and engaging workshop, Christy helps audiences transform their marriage sex life by offering practical solutions to spicing up passion in the bedroom through deeper communication, transparency, and vulnerability.


TRAINING CAMP 101: Mastering Your Spouse’s Playbook

Did you know that you commit a personal foul when you don’t know your spouses playbook? In this humorous, practical, and interactive workshop, Christy and her husband, Adrian help audiences transform their marriages by leveraging their spouse’s interests as opportunities for greater emotional, mental, and physical intimacy.


The Mommy Legacy: Embracing The Privilege Of Raising Our Future

Motherhood is no joke! Being a mom is an incredible responsibility with demands, challenges, and obstacles that sometimes overshadow the fact that parenthood is also a privilege and great joy. Christy teaches mothers how to parent strategically, with intention and wisdom to establish a godly legacy that will remain for generations to come.



I have had the privilege of traveling all over the world! Seeing and experiencing other cultures is a wonderfully, enriching and eye opening experience, but it can be very expensive; which discourages people from taking exotic trips and exposing their families to new things! Well, guess what? You no longer have to forgo your BUCKET LIST because of your budget! I have found a way to see the world like a VIP without breaking the bank!

Thrive and Be Well

Are you ready to experience a better life? Well, it requires you to make a change! Wellness requires a health-centered mindset and incorporates many areas of our lives; social, physical, mental, emotional, financial and relational health! Get ready for Christy to educate you healthy! Get your organization, business, or community group together the learn the latest information, practical strategies, and best resources to improve your overall health and vitality.

Christy's enthusiasm and commitment to prevention will motivate you to take better care of yourself and loved ones. She will show you how to get back on track to health and wholeness.

Popular Topics Include:

  • Tobacco Cessation

  • Weight Loss

  • Reducing Stress

  • Better Sleep

  • Creating Balance

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