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Gain more Self-confidence, Clarity & Courage to Love Yourself and Others FULLY!

Do you struggle with self-love?

Do you regularly compare yourself to other women internalizing and increasing negative thoughts and feelings about yourself?

Do you prioritize other people's opinions and beliefs over your own? 

Are you always trying to prove you are good enough?

Do you find that old habits and frustrating reactions are constantly affecting your relationships?

Do you realize that your deeply rooted beliefs are affecting all aspects of your womanhood from self-love, self-confidence and vulnerability with others to parenting, friendships and professional relationships?

Does lonliness or disappointment overwhelm you?

Do you feel bitter + resentful?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, 

Sister . . .You are in the right place.


Sis, it's not your fault. You just haven't experienced LOVE the way God intended. 

You were created to receive, represent and reflect LOVE , but unfortunately, you may not even know what love really is. Most of us have experienced a distorted version of what love was originally created to be.


As a happy wife, a grateful mom and cheerleader for women, I have always had a heart for people with a particular passion for marriage and motherhood. I have been a relationship coach for women, engaged couples and couples in crisis for over 16 years and I create safe places and brave spaces that create environments for women to show up real, authentic, transparent and powerful! 


But, the past few years, I've realized that while love traditionally is at the center of most relationships, many people don’t understand to true meaning and purpose of love.

When you don't understand the purpose of something, abuse is inevitable. 

- Dr. Myles Monroe

 The Love Experience is a 12-week deeply transformative journey of self-discovery.


Together, we will uncover your hidden habits  that

devalue, decrease and minimize your value, potential and power.


We will expose the truth that  you really

believe about yourself, love and others.


We will identify the lies that you believe and

pinpoint how they consistently show up in your life.


We will walk through a process that peels back

the layers drilling down to the root cause of the violation.  


We will then renew your beliefs with the truth, and restore your position

to experience life and relationships with more clarity, confidence,

courage and understanding of who you are.

Over the next 12-weeks, we’ll go deeper into 3 areas:


where we learned to love

  • Where did life break your heart?

  • What did you tell yourself as a result?

  • How did what you believe show up repeatedly in your life?

  • Positioning yourself to go deeper to discover what's hiding beneath the surface.


taking your power back

  • Identify the lies you believed 

  • Removing the lie and replacing it with the  truth

  • Releasing fear, doubt, worry and the past

  • Uncover the relationships that shrink you and why


standing in your truth, without apology

  • Reclaiming your identity

  • Prioritizing Self-Love

  • Practicing the power of being present

  • Moving forward with greater self-confidence

  • Create better relationships that support you


This 12-week experience offers generous content, mindset mentorship classes, small group coaching, close and personal access to me, thoughtful accountability, sisterhood and intimate community.

Sis, I got you!

I used to be you. I grew up a people-pleaser and perfectionist. 

I tried to be everything to everyone else at the sacrifice of knowing me!

I adopted other people's projections of me as my own beliefs and struggled for decades to love myself fully. I abused myself with negative thoughts, words and beliefs for most of my life, until I had the revelation that the way I was treating myself was causing even more damage to my heart and soul.

I began my journey 20 years ago. It was My Love Experience and it changed my life...forever!

What this journey of self-discovery has done for me, I want to do the same for you. I create safe places and brave spaces for women to discover their identity and show up authentically and powerfully without apology. 


Everyone will not come on this journey, because everyone isn't ready. But, if this is the right time and you are ready to confront what is keeping you comfortable, then — you’ve found the right place.


P.S. If we haven’t met, hello! I’m Christy Little Jones.


I am a mentor, chief cheerleader and head encourager. I have never met a stranger and have a heart for people.


I have been married for 18 years and had 3 babies in 3 years. I love being Mommy to my amazing teenagers, Skye, Blaze and Hayes. I inherited a son when I got married and he is now the head of his own family. I have always had a heart for marriage and family and feel blessed to help others navigate their own way creating their own marriage and family culture.


I have coached and counseled women and couples for over 16 years. I have a passion for women and helping her discover and unleash her superpower to love boldly and fearlessly without apology.


I love pre-engaged couples and enjoy helping them prepare for marriage, so that they are equipped to whether the ups and downs, withstanding the storms during marriage. I also have a heart to equip, support and jump in the trenches with married couples in crisis fighting to stay married, because I was there.


Nine years ago, my husband and I overcame an extramarital affair that almost took us out for the count, but we chose to fight for happily ever after and have helped numerous couples fight to do the same. We are the happiest we have ever been in our marriage and feel honored to help, support and encourage others with our story to continue to fight.


This 12-week process will require consistency, courage and commitment. As a result of your dedication, determination and discipline to get free from the lies that have impacted your most important relationships, you can expect to see these results. 





  • identify + transform beliefs around perfection

  • embrace the real you without disappointment or failure

  • ​develop the ability to see through anger and resentment

  • reconnect with your truth + practice creating boundaries

  • learn to let go of the past + live in the present

  • uncover + heal feelings of unworthiness and rejection

  • understand what's driving low self-love

  • rebuild a healthy self-confidence

  • learn to dismantle false images of yourself

  • face your deepest wounds

  • emerge whole + healed + capable of loving yourself

  • gain true connection without self-compromise

  • transform your need to people please

  • develop a deep confidence revolutionizing the way you feel about your body

  • identify how control sneaks into your mindset

My Personal Favorites:

Traveling the World
Spa Days
Movies, Movies, Movies

I’m from Santa Barbara, Ca and love warm weather and the beaches. I love the thrill of getting on a plane and going to somewhere I have never been. I love everything from Hawaii to Bali. If I have to get on a plane to go, I’m in!.

Two hour massages are my love language. I have had massages all over the world. I am committed to my well-being. I prioritize  taking care of my mental health, and of course I love a good mani-pedi to boot.

Movies are my go to for

de-stressing! I love being able to escape for 2 hours into someone else’s life. Movies recharge me to come back to my own life, refreshed and with a new perspective.

My passion is equipping and encouraging women to cultivate loving, authentic relationships that support them and don’t shrink them.

If that sounds like you, I can’t wait to hear your story and get to know you better

Finally Choose You

While most exclusive group coaching programs charge thousands of dollars, I wanted to create the mentorship experience that I wish I had, when I didn’t know what self-love looked like; and when people-pleasing was my strategy for making decisions because I was desperate to feel loved, accepted and approved.


 Most group coaching courses rarely have personal access to the coach. So, I wanted to go above and beyond and provide a more intimate coaching experience – one that offered genuine engagement, real transformation, change and growth that truly changed your life and relationships forever.


Therefore, I created a program out of my personal life-changing experience.

It’s 12-weeks of transformation. It’s called






A one-time investment of just $397 (save $600)

 3 payments of $140/month

Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look inside

Here’s an outline of our calendar for the weeks ahead and just a peek at some of what we’ll cover


who am I?


it’s not your fault


I love my little girl


where did life break your heart?


how love showed up


I believed the lies, so now what?


the God honest truth


Identity. This is me! 


renewing your mind


 overcoming fear


I love me! keeping love first


transformed. I am

andraea lavant.jpg

When I began my journey with Christy, I was at a place of boredom with life, and was trying to figure out how to get out of what seemed to be a cyclical rut. From the moment I completed the opening questionnaire, I knew that my life would never be the same! By taking the time to be introspective and put myself first, I was able to identify what kept me moving around the same mountain, what my true passions and desires are, and the steps to take to the live the life that God has predestined me to live. This experience was nothing short of life-changing, and ever so timely! I'm grateful to Christy for allowing God to use her to help me to become the best version of myself.

Andraea LaVant | Entrepreneur

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